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Top 10 Tools Needed to Print Custom T-Shirts

Top 10 Tools Needed to Print Custom T-Shirts

Having the ability to print online shirts can open many doors for you. However, you need to print high-quality t-shirts to get good money. The following are ten items you should have to be successful in this field.

Heat press

Screen printing needs many pieces of equipment ranging from squeegees, dryers, screen printing machines, and multicolor ink. Invest your money wisely by buying a high-quality heat press such as DK20S or Geo-Knight heat presses.

Sublimation printer

Buying a sublimation printer tends to be one of the best investments. You can use it to print phone cases, t-shirts, cell phones, and mugs. It helps you to increase your product line and can earn you a fulltime job. In recent years custom coffee mugs are becoming big business. People prefer to have custom coffee mugs for C-workers and  VIPS.

Vinyl cutter

A vinyl cutter is necessary, especially when you want to work on some small orders at home. I would recommend you use Graphtec CE6000 because it cuts 15-inch rolls of vinyl. With this type of vinyl cutter, you can do multiple colors.

Alignment tools 

Alignment tools are important in getting your prints straight and centered.  You can start by using a square, but it works effectively when catering the heat transfers. You can choose to use ‘Tee Square” to print the front and back of your t-shirts. You also need a logo grid to place small chest logos in the pocket area. You can start with these types of tools and later upgrade to a laser system.

Teflon sheets

Teflon sheets of different sizes are a necessity. You also need a Teflon cover for the bottom part of your heat press. Without a Teflon sheet, the formed pad retains the sublimation ink, which causes ghosting on other t-shirts printed.  Companies also sell Teflon sheets at high prices; however, you can get the sheets at amazon at a lower price.

Teflon pillows

Teflon pillows are important when printing on garments that have buttons and zippers. Heat and high pressure can cause damage to plastic zippers and buttons. If you need to print on materials made of polyester shirts, you need different sizes of Teflon pillows.

High-temperature foam

High-temperature foams can be used instead of Teflon pillows, especially when you are doing odd size prints or odd shapes print.  High-temperature foam is expensive and reusable but not forever.

Specialty Platens for your heat press

Heat presses are made in such a way that they can accommodate different platen sizes. You need small platens to print on youth custom t-shirts and long sleeves platen for the shirt’s inside seam.

Weeding Tools

If you have a vinyl cutter, you will need weeding tools. However, you will need high-quality tools to ensure that you are not frustrated when repeating the tedious process.


This one seems funny, but you will need a good size workbench or a table. You need to buy a stand with wheels for your heat press or a solid table.


This list only contains the most imprint things that will get you started. However, you keep buying items and upgrading as time goes by.