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Top 10 Spy Gadgets You Can Purchase

Top 10 Spy Gadgets You Can Purchase

With all the technological devices being innovated every month, the gadgets you saw on Hollywood spy movies a couple years ago might just be available on your nearby specialty electronics store (like many of these). Not to mention, online stores that offer a wide variety of them are just a few clicks away.

If used for good purposes, these devices can save lives. Here are 10 of the best spy gadgets that you can purchase readily at local stores or online.

  • GThunder Night Vision Binoculars

Night vision goggles are very common tools, especially when operating at night. The GThunder binoculars are meant for serious hunters with its 984-feet vision range. On top of all the military-grade qualities, it includes a 32 GB flash card for saving footage.

  • Rabbler Noise Generator

Want to make a counter-intelligence move? This Rabble noise generator lets you create noise that throws any eavesdropper off. Suppose you want to fool those hidden microphones. In that case, you can just adjust the generator and make the listeners believe you’re in a different situation.

  • NordVPN

Nothing beats VPN in terms of securing your communication through the internet. Aside from hiding your identity and encrypting your communicated data, it’s relatively affordable and easy to set up. One of the most reliable service providers is NordVPN.

  • Silent Ultrasonic Microphone Defeater

If you want to do more than fooling eavesdroppers, you can choose an audio jammer just like this product. The best thing about it is its portability, wherein it is concealed inside a pair of sneakers.

  • JMDHKK M8000 AI RF Detector

The evidence captured in a video is hard to deny. So, if you don’t want to be recorded by secret cameras, it will be better if you use this product to spot them first. Not only can it discover cameras, but it can also scan for trackers and wiretaps.

  • FLIR One Pro LT Thermal Imaging Smartphone Camera

One of the most difficult physical aspects to hide is body heat. If you want to spot someone without the need for high-resolution footage, you can use this thermal imaging attachment instead. Just stick it in your smartphone camera, download its app, and it’s ready for action.

  • Kingston IronKey S1000 Encrypted Flash Drive

If you want to transfer very important secret files, this encrypted flash drive can be sufficient enough. No other user besides you can gain access even if someone gets ahold of it.

  • DJI Mavic 2 Zoom Drone

Want to do reconnaissance or observing from afar? This drone can capture very high-quality images and videos using its 12-megapixel sensor without the risk of physical harm.

  • Kokuji Hidden Voice Recorder Pen

If it’s both eavesdropping and convenient in the installation that you want, then this voice recorder pen can do a great job. There can be a very thin line concerning the appropriate occasion to use it. Still, it is very reassuring to know that you have such a tool at your disposal.

  • Voice Changing Devices & Apps

Masking one’s traces is a must when you’re spying. One of the useful skills to achieve that is voice changing. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend plenty of hours practicing since there are apps out there, like VoiceMod, which can provide you with the same results.

Final Words

These devices, as mentioned, are powerful enough to obtain information that can either destroy or protect. With that being said, if you are committed to spying or doing background checks, then you need to be also prepared for any counterintelligence measures.