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Tech Review: Beosound Balance by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen’s Beosound Balance is a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant as a multi-room audio player. Powered by Bang & Olufsen’s system plus Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast, this smart soundbar will change the way traditional audio systems offer sound performance.
Highlighted Features:
With In-Built Microphones
Supports Google Assistant, Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2
Google-only Device
Bluetooth 5.0-Compatible
With 650-Watt Amplifier
With Built-in Internal 7 Speaker Drivers
1 3/4-inch Tweeter, 2 3-Inch Full-Ranging Drivers, 2 2-Inch Full-Ranging Drivers…

Smart Home

The Top Smart Security Equipment 2020

Today’s technology has undeniably made our lives better with so much more convenience. Additionally, breakthroughs in technology have also elevated consumer safety at home through smart security tools.
In this review, we have narrowed down three of the best smart security equipment to date.
1. Neos Smartcam
The Neos Smartcam offers all the basics every security camera must offer in exceptional quality. This smart yet affordable security camera delivers a 1080p HD video recording that is clear and bright. It also stores short video clips in Cloud storage for free within a week.
2. Google Nest Protect…

Outdoors Gadget Reviews

The Top Electric Mountain Bikes 2020

If you are planning to get your hands on the best electric bike today, we recommend you look into these three.
1. Eone-Sixty 800 by Merida
The Eone-Sixty 800 by Merida is an electric bike engineered for optimum durability and robust performance. This e-bike promises to tackle all trails and its plus-sized tires and wheels provide a strong grip.
2. Trail Neo by Cannondale
If you are on the lookout for a more affordable option, we suggest you check out the Trail Neo by Cannondale. This electric bike offers to tackle all types of challenging trails as well as smoothly cruise uphill roads. The Trail Neo is …

Outdoors Gadget Reviews

The Best Headlamps 2020

To have safe and convenient outdoor activities such as running, camping, or hiking in the gloom, you need to have a good headlamp handy.
Below is a list of our top picks for the best headlamps available on the market.
1. Spark LED Head Torch by Vont
The Spark LED Head Torch by Vont is not only a budget-friendly option but it’s also a surprisingly great value for money as it comes in a two-pack. This headlamp features two light sources which are adjustable for seven various light modes.
2. Duo S Head Torch by Petzl
The Duo S by Petzl is our best caving head torch pick. This headlamp offers an …


iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil Has Gotten Even Smarter

If you are an iPad Pro user and think that the Apple Pencil already makes a difference as to how you use your iPad, then brace yourself as this accessory is going to get even smarter and more useful.
Although there is no doubt that the Apple Pencil already makes consumers’ iPad user experience easy and convenient, it is not a huge surprise that Apple can and will still make improvements to it.
The patent called “Computer System With Color Sampling Stylus” offers Apple Pencil functionalities that will be highly beneficial for iPad Pro artists. The pencil’s stylus now comes with in-built photodetectors …

Smart Home

The Top-Notch Smart Thermostats 2020

This rundown of the best Smart thermostats is perfect for a budget-minded investment. Thus, if you wish to get your hands on this tool without breaking the bank, one of these products might be the one for you.
1. Smart Thermostat by Tado
The Smart Thermostat by Tado is surprisingly suitable for a wider selection of heating systems compared with other thermostats on the market. It can be used with hot water technologies, electrical under-floor systems, conventional boilers, and more.
2. Thermostat E by Nest
The Thermostat E is Nest’s most affordable thermostat yet. However, it offers exceptional …


PS5 Now Available for Pre-order at These Retailers

If you want to make sure you’ll get your hands on the new PS5 once it’s out, then it’s about time you placed a pre-order. To do that, here is a list of the available retailers to go to.
Walmart’s PS5 hub impressively delivers the information and the accessories the console has to offer. It also provides video trailers of PS5’s system as well as sneak peeks of its games. If interested, you can register at Walmart’s PS5 pre-order mailing list.
Currys has now put up a preorder registration hub for the new PS5. Although its PS5 hub isn’t as astounding as …