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Tech Review: Electric Scooter by Pure Air Pro

Tech Review: Electric Scooter by Pure Air Pro

Whether you are looking into investing in an electric scooter for commuting purposes or for simply having a new toy to play with, the Pure Air Pro will give you everything you want a scooter to give.

This innovative scooter offers to deliver the functionalities every rider needs for everyday use. It is crafted to last and withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

The Pure Air Pro’s look is highly reminiscent of Xiaomi’s M365 which is UK’s most popular e-scooter. Pure has taken inspiration from the M365’s utilitarian look and amped it up by including an ultra-folding mechanism. This feature ensures riders have a stable ride while making the scooter portable and easy to store at the same time.

This scooter has also received an IP65 water-resistance rating; thus, the electronics inside it are guaranteed fully-sealed. Moreover, this scooter is also powered by a 350-Watt front-wheel motor and it offers a 15 mph max speed.

The Pure Air Pro offers utmost stability, reliable engineering, great speed, and more at a favorable price. Therefore, we highly recommend you look into it if you are planning on purchasing a top-quality electric scooter.