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The Top Amazon Alexa Speakers in 2020

The Top Amazon Alexa Speakers in 2020

Now that you finally decided to get your hands on this magical speaker, we have narrowed down the three top-rated Alexa speakers available to date.

1. Amazon Echo Plus (Second Generation)

The Amazon Echo Plus is a 360-degree speaker offering an outstanding soundstage. This also features a Smart Hub function just like the other Alexa speakers.

Moreover, this speaker is also equipped with 7-mic-far-field-array for optimum sound sensitivity.

2. Amazon Echo Dot (Third Generation)

If you wish to invest in an Alexa speaker but you are on a tight budget, the Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect option to go for. This compact speaker offers passable sound and also does an excellent job of hearing you.

3. Amazon Echo Studio

Now onto an Alexa speaker that’s on the pricier side, the Amazon Echo Studio offers everything you want a Smart Home speaker to give. This Altos-compatible Amazon speaker delivers high-resolution audio capability that is lively and loud.

Alexa speakers are undeniably brilliant for several great reasons. This robot built-in speakers by Amazon can do various tasks such as turn the lights on and off, create a shopping list, and so much more. Thus, it’s about time you purchased one.