Video Game Review: Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

Video Game Review: Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

Since the introduction of Wii, Nintendo has been releasing smarter and innovative methods to play video games. Now, the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure has finally made its debut.

If you are familiar with Wii Sports, you will know that it puts great emphasis on fitness by encouraging people to move around when playing video games. The Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, on the other hand, combines all the efforts Nintendo has put in the development of fitness-centered video games over the last decade.

The Ring Fit Adventure involves the use of a special ring controller that tracks the movement of your body. It also comes with two JoyCon; one is to be strapped to your legs and the other is to be strapped to the Ring Controller. Your movement info is then recorded and fed into the video game.

What’s great about this video game is that it tells you what to do. A brief animation explaining the exercises will be shown on the screen. Thus, this video game is perfect for beginners.

If you are looking for the best way to play video games healthily, the Ring Fit Adventure by Nintendo is one you need to look into.