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New Technological Innovations in Vaping

New Technological Innovations in Vaping

Vaping blew up and has become a successful alternative to smoking cigarettes. Many companies like vape shop montreal are continually developing technologies to enhance vaping experience. This is primarily because thousands of people are engaged in vaping its conveniences, safety, and attractive features.

Furthermore, product manufacturers view vaping from different perspectives nowadays. They have developed new technological features such as long-lasting batteries, built-in Bluetooth, and voice activation and will improve customers’ vaping experience.

Below are the newest innovations in vaping technology that you should know about:

Upgraded Pod Systems

Some vapers may still choose the old box mod due to its performance in creating smoke, but most people have moved to the newest version of the pod system. Here are its advanced features:

  • The pod system is portable, safe, and used discreetly in different places.
  • The RELX Infinity model is a popular innovation because the loss of airflow was removed to gain more flavors, lesser leakage, and fit perfectly in the mouth.
  • The smaller version is convenient to handle and charge inside the car, at work, or at home via a USB port. And has a fast-charging feature

Improved Battery

Manufacturers have done a great job in improving the batteries on vaping devices. Unlike before, the modern battery offers a longer battery life and faster charging time. All kinds of vaping batteries are widely available in the market nowadays.


One of its outstanding features is built-in Bluetooth. Some vapers are not aware that Bluetooth can be useful until they try it. Here are some of its functions:

  • Bluetooth-enabled devices let the user track their vaping usage and habits.
  • It also has the option to lock the device so others can’t use it.
  • For healthy use, it can decrease and monitor nicotine intake.
  • It is handy to measure the vape.

Bluetooth functions make the experience safer and convenient.

Voice Activation

Vaping technology never fails to introduce its smart features in the market. One of its newest features is voice activation. This innovation is available in bigger box mods. It is also handy when you are driving around as it can process spoken commands. Its other uses are as follows:

  • Users can manipulate its other features such as temperature, lights, and power wattage.
  • It is useful in vapor technology.

Sub-Ohm Vapes

Sub-Ohm is sensational and the newest innovation in the vaping industry. Vapers love this feature as it makes strong vapor clouds. The industry leaders and manufacturers have increased their production of these products due to their popular demand.


Since the beginning, the idea of vaping technology is to persuade and help smokers to cut down or quit smoking tobacco. However, it has transitioned to a safer way of smoking with advanced features that vapers can enjoy.

Vape technology has improved tremendously over the years. It aims to continuously provide users a better experience by introducing features that are accessible and less harmful. Indeed, vapers worldwide are thrilled for the advancement in the future.