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The Top Electric Mountain Bikes 2020

The Top Electric Mountain Bikes 2020

If you are planning to get your hands on the best electric bike today, we recommend you look into these three.

1. Eone-Sixty 800 by Merida

The Eone-Sixty 800 by Merida is an electric bike engineered for optimum durability and robust performance. This e-bike promises to tackle all trails and its plus-sized tires and wheels provide a strong grip.

2. Trail Neo by Cannondale

If you are on the lookout for a more affordable option, we suggest you check out the Trail Neo by Cannondale. This electric bike offers to tackle all types of challenging trails as well as smoothly cruise uphill roads. The Trail Neo is equipped with a tested and tried electric motor that gives every rider a smooth and approachable ride every time.

3. Crusher XR+ by Mondraker

The Crusher XR+  electric bike by Mondraker is our top hardcore pick for many reasons. This electric bike is engineered to be heavy-duty and it is guaranteed to tackle all trails smoothly. Lastly, the Crusher XR+ provides top-notch suspension set-up.

Although the idea of an electric mountain bike is frowned upon by some, the advantages it has to offer is undeniable. The power equates to faster speed and cruising on an uphill trail becomes a breeze.