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The Top Smart Security Equipment 2020

The Top Smart Security Equipment 2020

Today’s technology has undeniably made our lives better with so much more convenience. Additionally, breakthroughs in technology have also elevated consumer safety at home through smart security tools.

In this review, we have narrowed down three of the best smart security equipment to date.

1. Neos Smartcam

The Neos Smartcam offers all the basics every security camera must offer in exceptional quality. This smart yet affordable security camera delivers a 1080p HD video recording that is clear and bright. It also stores short video clips in Cloud storage for free within a week.

2. Google Nest Protect

The Google Nest Protect is not your ordinary smoke alarm system. This security device not only monitors smoke but it can also detect carbon monoxide. Thus, this device will provide optimum safety for your household.

3. Samsung Smart Things

If you are on the hunt for a smart security sensor that is inexpensive, the Samsung Smart Things is the way to go. This sensor is perfect for doors, windows, and even has a motion detection function.

You and your loved ones’ safety should be on top of your priority. Therefore, smart security devices that do an exceptional job are worth investing in.